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10th January 2018Your Software Was Great When You Bought It a Couple of Years Ago but Can You Rely on it Now?

Your Software Was Great When You Bought It a Couple of Years Ago but Can You Rely on it Now?

Do you review the software you use for your business? Is it regularly updated, is it still supported by the developer or has it been archived?

The results of a global survey indicate that there are a lot of businesses who don’t do any of the above! When some companies and organisations purchase software they assume that it will be fit for purpose from the day they bought it for as long as they require it without the need to update it or replace it.

In a survey published at the end of 2017, just over 50% of businesses (worldwide) were still using a version of Windows XP somewhere within their company. Whilst this was a much-acclaimed operating system when launched back in 2001, Microsoft stopped supporting it in April 2014. Windows Vista was also still being used by 9% of respondents which again is no longer supported by Microsoft.

It Still Works for Us so What is the Problem?

Whilst the software and operating system might still work, the risk to your business and the data you hold from viruses and online attacks is significantly increased.

Developers are constantly updating their software and operating systems to improve their functionality and minimise the threat of a cyber-attack. They do this by providing regular updates  - you will probably have tried to log off in the past and had a message on your screen telling you that your PC is updating and then sat there watching the percentage of the update installation increase on your screen.

Using old software will leave your business at risk because you won’t receive these updates anymore. You should also be mindful that when GDPR compliance is introduced this year, you will immediately be in breach and face a hefty fine.

How Can You Fix the Problem?

Fixing these types of problems can be easy enough to do and without significant cost to your business.

Whereas just a decade ago, it was sometimes a case of having to adapt software to meet your needs and requirements, the development of cloud based software provides customers with a huge range of options and a potential headache deciding which software choice or operating system to buy.

Increased competition and the ability to download software rather than install via CD’s has driven down costs.

Microsoft 365 is by far one of the most popular options due to the flexibility of the bundles you can choose from and many other providers now develop specific software programmes to integrate with this to ensure a seamless transition and improved efficiency.

As part of our service offering we include unlimited IT consultancy for our clients. This enables us to fully understand your requirements and then recommend suitable solutions and implementation plans.

We also ensure that everything is automatically updated and running smoothly so you can focus on running your business.

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