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15th December 2017Outsourcing IT Will Benefit Your Business

Outsourcing IT Will Benefit Your Business

How will an IT company be of benefit to your business?

Did you know that by sourcing your IT support services externally you can save valuable time and budget and benefit from multiple additional benefits and expertise.

RedTree IT clients benefit from the extensive skills and knowledge of our entire team of IT professionals for significantly less than employing an in-house IT manager that could demand a salary of up to £50,000 per year as well as their recruitment costs, pension and other benefits and employing a team and investing in hardware to support them.

But an external company is not on-site ready to deal with any issues when they happen?

Our IT support is provided on-line, over the phone and in-person with unlimited visits so whilst we might not be in your office right at that moment, we will be on the case immediately via the phone and online and one of our engineers will be with you as soon as possible if required.

We also monitor our client’s IT infrastructure 24/7 to enable us to fix problems before they arise. Everything is also backed up by us externally every day to provide additional peace of mind.

Keeping you up to date with latest software, hardware and managing resources

You focus on your industry and do your very best to provide clients with a range of products and services that will be of benefit to them. We do the same. We keep our clients informed about the latest IT updates available including software and hardware and provide unlimited IT consultancy with regards to how they can improve the performance and efficiency of their IT.

We also employ a team of experienced engineers so when your own internal IT resources are stretched we are just a phone call away (or message via our Helpdesk app) from being able to help. It also means that when everything is running smoothly you are not paying for your IT department to be doing little.

By utilising the services of an external IT company, you will also free up resources and time so you can focus on what you do best, safe in the knowledge the IT side of things is being handled by competent professionals that you can trust.

Why choose RedTree IT?

Working with RedTree IT, we will guarantee to deliver all of the following services included in our monthly retained fee.

There aren’t any catches or small caveats. We will deliver everything we promise to.

You are more than welcome to get in touch at any time if you do have any queries so why not call 02920 090015 or email pj@redtree-it.co.uk today?


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