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28th November 2016Is it time to Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure?

Is it time to Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure?

Are you one of the many businesses and organisations who delay upgrading for as long as possible due to costs, disruption and whether or not you really need to make the investment?

If you are, you are not alone and in the following article we will do our best to explain why you should overcome these perceptions and the benefits upgrading will provide.

‘Cheap and Cheerful’ IT solutions work when starting out but then come the ‘Growing Pains’

When starting off they were able to use ‘cheap and cheerful’ IT solutions that served a purpose but as they have grown in size and placed more demand on their IT systems they have noticed a decline in the ability of what is in place to cope.

Daily tasks start getting s l o w e r!

Outdated infrastructures will often cause operation problems regarding the speed at which you are able to undertake everyday tasks on individual pc’s and the network as a whole. The volume of data being processed will increase as your company grows and employees will expect it to provide them with more tools and functions to enable them to perform to their full potential.

Security is threatened

The threat posed by external parties to hack into your network is also increased when using infrastructure that cannot be upgraded with the latest installs and security protection.

Upgrading will help you plan for the current and future operational success of your business and provide you with a safe, efficient and fast platform to continue to build from.

Before you start

You should either internally or with the help of an external IT company start preparing a comprehensive IT inventory detailing all the hardware and software used by your company.

This will enable you to identify which items need to be upgraded and the compatibility of each unit.

It’s Time to Invest, What Are Your Options?

Essentially there are three options available to you when upgrading. We strongly recommend that you consider taking expert advice from an IT provider to identify the most suitable solution for your business.

  1. Cloud based solutions

This is an increasingly popular option for many of our clients. The cloud provides a plethora of options and can prove very cost effective as the cost usually involves purchasing licences for the software rather than having to pay for it outright.

The cloud provides almost un-paralleled access for your users and does not require them to be office based. Storage, servers and hardware are all hosted online and can be accessed anywhere as long as you have internet connection.

Maintenance, upgrades and security are all managed externally by the cloud provider providing you with peace of mind.

You will also benefit from improved flexibility and have the ability to add or remove users and additional software often immediately without incurring extra costs.

We as a company recommend Office 365 and have managed numerous upgrades with considerable successes for our clients.

          2.  Upgrading existing components

As a short term fix you could consider increasing the performance of your existing equipment by individually upgrading individual items by purchasing additional processors, RAM and other peripheral products.

This approach can extend the life of your current infrastructure and help you manage costs.

         3.  Buy New Hardware

Using the inventory, you have created another option you could consider would be to purchase new hardware. The lifecycle of regularly maintained office pc’s, laptops and mobile devices is approximately between 3 to 5 years and for printers it increases to 4 to 5 years.

If you plan and purchase hardware correctly a well-designed IT network can last up to 5 years and enable you to invest at times to suit your business model.

The cost of IT equipment has reduced significantly as it has evolved and purchasing new hardware is often not as financially painful as it used to be.

The above provides three options for you to consider when planning to upgrade your current IT infrastructure. It is by no means an exhaustive guide but it does provide the most popular options and considerations you should make.

Red Tree IT provide a FREE month’s trial for new customers and we would be happy to discuss any of the above with you and provide our recommendations to suit your specific requirements based on our expert knowledge and your business.

To find out more please contact Paul Jones, IT Solutions Manager.

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