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21st February 2018How Will Security Software Protect Your Business?

How Will Security Software Protect Your Business?

Regardless of the size of your business, ensuring the security of your software is essential. The majority of IT hardware will have pre-installed security software but what will this protect you from?

There are three core threats they will help mitigate the risks from:

Viruses – security software will scan and monitor all the files on your hardware for the dreaded viruses that can cause serious problems not only for the specific unit but for the whole of the network it is connected to. Viruses will be identified by the security software before they cause any damage.

Firewall – like a soldier patrolling the perimeter of an army base or secure location, a good firewall will constantly monitor network connections to protect the pc or network from hackers trying to break in or spot suspicious software or data received via the internet.

Ransonware, Trojans, Malware and Spyware – no doubt you will be aware of the threat and damage these have on businesses and organisations and their crippling impact – NHS incident last year. Security software will prevent these being downloaded onto your hardware and prevent it from sending any information and data to external uninvited parties.

As well as the core threats security software will protect you from, you can also choose to use it to protect emails thereby prevent spamming, stop employees visiting malicious websites and those that are not work related during office hours.

For advice about choosing and implementing the most suitable security software for your business or organisation please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to advise.

Please contact Paul Jones on 02920 090015 or email mailto:pj@redtree-it.co.uk

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