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19th July 2016How to Supercharge Your PC

How to Supercharge Your PC

We’ve all experienced it; the endless wait for the page to load, for that document to open. And no amount of swearing or frowning at the flickering white screen seems to propel your system into action.

And then comes the dreaded: (Not Responding)

But before you unplug the dastardly machine, hurling it onto the skip before heading to spend hundreds on a new computer, did you know there are a number of things you can do to breathe new life, new efficiency and enhanced speed to your flagging PC?

Such as:

Convert from HDD to SSD

It’s one of the more tried and tested methods for rejuvenating an ailing PC system. Loading speeds can be drastically improved by replacing an older HDD hard drive with a new SSD. Unlike traditional hard drives that operate as spinning disks in the system, SSDs have no moving parts, enhancing their efficiency. This allows them to deliver much faster read and write speeds, reducing the amount of time you spend staring in exasperation at your screen.

Disk Defragmentation

If you are running on an older HDD hard drive then a common cause of a slowing system is the fragmenting of data on your system. This is where the information on your drive gets broken up and scattered through frequent use, meaning that it takes longer to located when required. Running a disk defragmentation – which you can find through your windows control panel – can re-organise your data so that it’s more readily found. This can often make significant improvements to your PC’s overall speed.

Clean-Up and Declutter Your System

If your PC is in regular use, then over time the hard drive is going to get cluttered up. Software or programmes that have been downloaded from different sites you’ve visited, apps that you’ve only ever used once or even fragments of old code – all sitting redundantly on your system, taking up space and generally slowing things down.

Giving your system a good spring clean might be the answer to improving its performance and speed. There are a number of programmes available which will seek out, remove and generally declutter your system from all the used and unnecessary code and programmes, freeing up space and returning some much needed speed to your PC or laptop.

Removing Malware or Adware

Malware, adware and similar nasties that get into your PC system can be hugely damaging to overall speed and performance. If you’re system has been ‘infected’ in this way then there are programmes available which can disinfect the system, removing the offending items and restoring speed and efficiency to the site.

There are a number of programmes available online to help your system. Or, of course, you call in the expert advice of a qualified IT professional, who’ll be able to analyse your issues and deliver the most appropriate solutions.

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