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22nd September 2016How Office 365 Can Improve Office Productivity

How Office 365 Can Improve Office Productivity

Four Ways Office 365 Can Boost Productivity

A key, perhaps the key, selling point for businesses when it comes to adopting Office 365 is the benefits it can demonstrate in terms of boosting productivity. No matter the size of the organisation, improvements to productivity is paramount to the efficiency and, ultimately the profitability, of the company.

The fact that Microsoft’s flagship cloud-based service now boasts an eye-watering 50 million users per month worldwide, including a significant number of major global organisations, is surely evidence that their productivity merits have some foundation.

So what is it about Office 365 that allows for it to help the efficient and profitable running of your business? Well, here’s four for starters.

Remote Collaboration Benefits

If you run a business across multiple locations, maybe a head office and regional satellites, or even international offices, there has been a traditional cost and logistical headache attached to projects requiring collaboration between locations. Planning meetings at a suitable venue and travel between locations not only add to the budget considerably, but the need to do so can lead to hold ups and slowing of the project. Not to mention potential further delays in sending large amounts of data between centres (be that electronic or, heaven forbid, ‘snail mail’).

The tools available within 365 can dramatically improve efficiencies within these types of collaboration. Consider:

Data Storage and Sharing

One of the major reasons that businesses are moving some or all of their IT operations into the cloud: DATA SHARING AND STORAGE.

Add all of the productivity features mentioned above to the fact that with Office 365 you have a robust and secure cloud storage facility and you’ve got another significant feature to boost work efficiency.

As businesses embrace remote work, the need to have data accessible outside of the office grows ever more imperative.

Office 365 allows workers to get access to the data they need at the office, at home, on the train or instantly when in front of clients.

All tools under one ‘roof’

OK, you may say, but aren’t there other systems that offer these facilities as well? Well, yes of course there are. However, an aspect to consider with 365 is that, while you can mix and match different services for your network, with Office 365 offers a ‘total package’ approach that few can match.

The tools listed above offer a virtual office experience that can encompass pretty much every requirement, in one system. Each app working seamlessly with the other without spending valuable time testing which piece of software works best with other applications in your office.

And, of course, these productivity enhancing features are further complemented by complete access – office or remotely – to the classic features from the Microsoft stable: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the rest.


Which leads us onto our final and, perhaps unconsidered, potential productivity boost.

The fact that the vast number of workers will already have some familiarity with the Office suite. Training, re-training and rolling out new systems is time-consuming and often expensive, especially when you factor in the levels of follow-up training or support to those who find such changes ‘uncomfortable’ or ‘out of their comfort zone’.

Yet there are few who are not familiar with apps such as Word. Introducing Office 365 as an extension of something they already know rather than a new system altogether can make the transition that much smoother.


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