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7th December 2016How Do We Connect Our New Printer to Our Wireless Network?

How Do We Connect Our New Printer to Our Wireless Network?

One of our clients recently asked us a question about a problem they were having connecting a new printer they have bought to their wireless network. This is a question we are often asked so we have asked Jeff Skinner, our Head of IT to share his advice with you.

Before I begin, I need to advise that although the process is very similar for all major brand printers, there might be slight discrepancies for each printer manufacturer but essentially the important points are similar.

When you buy a printer, the manufacturer will always include a product guide complete with installation instructions and sometimes a CD. Whilst there might be a temptation to just plug everything in and hope it all connects seamlessly this isn’t the most appropriate approach to take.

Take a couple of minutes to read the installation instructions before you try to connect.

After reading the instructions you should either insert the CD supplied to your PC or use the cloud based installation software to run the set-up process. Follow the on-screen instructions (have a USB cable to hand just in case you need to use this initially) and your printer will then become visible on your wireless network.

If you do experience a problem, you will need to check that all the drivers are up to date and that ‘Shared Preferences’ is turned off on your printer. If your drivers are not up to date for whatever reason, then visit the printer manufacturers website where you will be able to download the required version.

After you have made any changes you might still need to restart your hardware to enable any changes you have made to become active. This should resolve any issues and enable you to connect the new printer to your wireless network.

If you are still experiencing any problems or have any similar technical issues please get in touch and we will do our best to help you. 

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