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21st February 2018Dont Use the Same Password for Your Business Accounts

Dont Use the Same Password for Your Business Accounts

The UK government’s Cyber Aware campaign has released the results of a survey of Britons aged between 18-25 and it revealed that more than 52% of the respondents use the same password for most of their online accounts including email.

Mat Phillips, director of RedTree IT isn’t surprised by the findings of the report and said that if businesses and organisations were to be asked the same question, many would also confirm they use the same online password for their own systems and software.

He said, “Whilst we fully appreciate trying to remember numerous passwords for different accounts can be confusing, laborious and frustrating, businesses should also be aware that by using the same one for everything they are making it very easy for hackers to gain access to all of their company information.”

Accessing email accounts can be particularly damaging due to the sensitivity of the data we often send including financial and personal correspondence that can be used to clone identities or simply provide access with direct access.

Mat commented, “When was the last time you deleted emails in your sent items folder? This is a treasure trove for hackers. If you were to take two mins to scroll through your sent items folder, how much information and data would a hacker be able to find about your business in there – I’m pretty sure you will be amazed and very concerned.”

Our advice to individuals and businesses is the same.  Don’t use obvious passwords such as children’s names, pets, date of birth etc, instead you should opt for two-factor authentication which will provide additional security for each account.

To find out more about how you can improve your business’s online security please get in touch and we will be happy to advise what you need to do and how to implement the recommended actions.

Please contact Paul Jones on 02920 090015 or email mailto:pj@redtree-it.co.uk

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