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23rd October 2017All Staff Can Help Minimise the Risk of a Cyber Attack

All Staff Can Help Minimise the Risk of a Cyber Attack

When it comes to protecting a business from a cyber-attack there are a whole host of different options available to you minimise the risk should you be unfortunate enough to fall victim to such an attack.

Whilst the clear majority of these are robust and will provide help to protect your business you must also inform and educate your own employees and anyone with access to your network about good practice regarding what they do when online at work.

You would be amazed how many ways there are to get in and onto your network at work. Whilst the majority use authorised means there are plenty of ‘back doors’ that can either be left ajar or not secured by staff members.

Some might appear quite obvious to most but when it comes to safeguarding the integrity of your company’s IT, don’t assume anything!

Do’s and Don’t Online At Work



Ramsonware, malware and viruses can easily be introduced to a network through any of these means and once in, that’s when your problems can really begin.

Encrypted ransomware poses an even bigger problem as it can remain undetected by some antivirus software and without paying the source of the attack whatever they demand you could lose all your data.

Obviously, the attackers are already operating on the wrong side of the law so even if you do pay up, they are certainly no guarantees this will be the end of your problem and your data will be readily available again. There have been reported cases where businesses who have paid once have been targeted again because the attackers know they will pay!

So, what else can you and your staff do?

We are conscious that the above might appear to be a bit ‘doom and gloom’ and we would like to assure you that these incidents are few and far between when you consider how often the internet is used for business these days.

A strong, robust IT security and data protection policy and programme will also minimise the threat to a business and just making your staff aware of their responsibilities will further strengthen this.

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