Why Our Clients Think You Should Choose RedTree for Your Business IT Support
26th March 2018

We’ve been asking our clients for their feedback with regards to the quality of the IT services we provide for them. The following are some of the responses received and we a...

Do You Use Microsoft Word and if so Here Are A Few Useful Hidden Features That Will Help You
14th March 2018

The vast majority of our clients use Microsoft Word. As we are sure you are aware it’s a versatile, relatively easy to use programme that is ideal for letters, documents, pro...

Please Delete My Information - Is Your Business Ready for GDPR
8th March 2018

There could be 37.3m requests in the UK alone from members of the public to ask businesses to edit or delete their data when GDPR comes into effect in May! Without intending to ...

How Will Security Software Protect Your Business?
21st February 2018

Regardless of the size of your business, ensuring the security of your software is essential. The majority of IT hardware will have pre-installed security software but what will th...

Dont Use the Same Password for Your Business Accounts
21st February 2018

The UK government’s Cyber Aware campaign has released the results of a survey of Britons aged between 18-25 and it revealed that more than 52% of the respondents use the same...

Your Software Was Great When You Bought It a Couple of Years Ago but Can You Rely on it Now?
10th January 2018

Do you review the software you use for your business? Is it regularly updated, is it still supported by the developer or has it been archived? The results of a global survey ind...

Are You Planning Your IT Strategy for 2018?
10th January 2018

Have you made any new year resolutions with regards to your company IT systems, software and hardware? Making pertinent, well planned IT investments for your business will have ...

Outsourcing IT Will Benefit Your Business
15th December 2017

How will an IT company be of benefit to your business? Did you know that by sourcing your IT support services externally you can save valuable time and budget and benefit from m...

Did You Really Mean to Send That Email?
8th November 2017

Data breaches are an everyday threat to business.  The amount of information being sent and received via email is growing daily and becoming increasingly difficult to monitor....

All Staff Can Help Minimise the Risk of a Cyber Attack
23rd October 2017

When it comes to protecting a business from a cyber-attack there are a whole host of different options available to you minimise the risk should you be unfortunate enough to fall v...

A Quick Guide to the imminent General Data Protection Regulation
15th September 2017

Please take 5 mins to read the following because it will be applicable to ALL businesses and organisations and isn’t just something for your IT department to sort out! Wha...

CodeTwo Solutions Providing Company Email Signatures Throughout Your Business
5th July 2017

Here at Red Tree IT, we’re proud resellers of the CodeTwo certified programmes for Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Outlook. About CodeTwo An award-wining Microsoft-...

The Winner of Our Easter Competition is
2nd May 2017

Thank you to everyone who entered our Easter competition. We were delighted to receive so many replies and kind words about our Helpdesk App. We asked our expert panel of judges...

Can You Name the Three Most Common IT Related Questions Asked By Our Clients
12th April 2017

What Do You Think Are the Three Most Common IT Related Queries We Receive? We launched our own RedTree Helpdesk App six months ago to enable our clients to report faults and ope...

Full Range of Encryption Options for SMEs and SMB
6th April 2017

Protecting and safeguarding data is a business prioirty for companies of all sizes from start-ups to international organisations. In May 2018 when changes to the General Data Prote...

Why We Should Worry About Ransomware and How We Can Prevent an Attack
14th March 2017

The one thing you should remember about cyber-security is that there’s always a new threat that you need to guard against. Some new malicious file or virus; or a piece of mal...

Microsoft OneDrive SharePoint and MySite Explained
7th February 2017

 Which One Best Suits your Business? The vast array of choice when it comes to storing and sharing files these days, can be overwhelming. We are often asked to explain how ...

How Many Emails Were in Your Inbox This Morning?
3rd January 2017

Have You Returned to Hundreds (possibly thousands) of Emails? Hopefully you will have enjoyed a break from work over the festive period? Have you returned to work and found your...

Microsoft Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Competency
9th December 2016

Red Tree IT are delighted to announce we have achieved the Silver Level Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions accreditation from the Microsoft Partner Network. Working with a vari...

How Do We Connect Our New Printer to Our Wireless Network?
7th December 2016

One of our clients recently asked us a question about a problem they were having connecting a new printer they have bought to their wireless network. This is a question we are ofte...

Is it time to Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure?
28th November 2016

Are you one of the many businesses and organisations who delay upgrading for as long as possible due to costs, disruption and whether or not you really need to make the investment?...

RedTree Helpdesk App Now Available
17th November 2016

As we strive to continue to deliver the highest level of customer service, RedTree IT are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Helpdesk App.  Using the RedTree...

What You Need to Think About Before Migrating to Office 365
26th September 2016

What You Need to Think About Before Migrating to Office 365 The benefits of migrating your company IT into the cloud, and specifically towards adoption of Office 365 can deliver...

How Office 365 Can Improve Office Productivity
22nd September 2016

Four Ways Office 365 Can Boost Productivity A key, perhaps the key, selling point for businesses when it comes to adopting Office 365 is the benefits it can demonstrate in terms...

How to Keep Your Office Computers Healthy and Fit for Work
8th September 2016

Office pc’s and laptops are often robust pieces of IT equipment and can withstand many of the knocks and scratches they might be subjected to during their working life. Like ...

Red Tree Receives Cyber Essentials Accreditation
26th July 2016

Red Tree IT Support are proud to announce the awarding of the Cyber Essentials Accreditation, making us one of only a few organisations in Wales to achieve this status. Our...

FREE Microsoft Office 365 for UK Registered Charities or Not for Profit Organisations
26th July 2016

Did You Know That Microsoft Office 365 is Free for UK Registered Charities or Not for Profit Organisations? The global software giant has launched Office 365 for NonProfits to p...

Why Data Backup Is Crucial to Your Business
19th July 2016

Data loss can be devastating to a business and its protection should be a priority issue in your company.  When a business suffers data loss or damage the repercussions can...

How to Supercharge Your PC
19th July 2016

We’ve all experienced it; the endless wait for the page to load, for that document to open. And no amount of swearing or frowning at the flickering white screen seems to prop...

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